Six Fabulous Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Six Fabulous Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Don’t stress over what gift to buy your mum. Discover these six fabulous gift ideas for Mother’s Day.

It’s March! I know, I know, January feels like it’s 900 days long and then February just flashes by like it’s too shy to stick around.

March is one of those weird months where we’re constantly wondering whether or not it’s going to snow – please don’t snow! – or if that couple of balmy warm days signal a much-needed pedicure for cute sandals.

Winter feet are not pretty.

Think Hobbit or the Bergens from Trolls and you’re somewhere close to what lurks under those snuggly winter socks.

One of my first thoughts at the start of every March is,”right, Mother’s Day is coming up soon, so I should start planning what to give the most important woman in my life!”

And then: … life, work, kids, stuff. Yep life is busy-hectic. Before I know it Mothering Sunday is like now, and I’m off to the supermarket to rummage through the last minute bits of crap nobody else wanted to buy.

Sorry mum.

But, if I’m really honest, as a busy mummy of two, there’s only one thing I would actually want for Mother’s Day and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only mummy who wants this.

The Gift Mums Really Want For Mother’s Day


An actual lie in. This is a mother’s ideal gift!

A nice cup of tea delivered to us in bed, and then all delivery personnel (i.e. partner and kids) to vacate my sanctuary and let us rest.

That and a cleaner would be nice.

Sorry daddies, we mamas don’t want breakfast in bed.

Not really.

We don’t want the crumbs on our bedding.

And we don’t want to have to tidy up the tornado-carnage-type-mess that will undoubtedly greet us when we do head downstairs. Which, by the way, is typically about 10 seconds after we’ve been told to enjoy our breakfast in bed.

It’s hard to enjoy half a cup of too-strong tea and burnt toast, while listening to screaming and shouting and squabbling from your good self and our tiny humans.

So there’s no point delaying the inevitable. We get up.

We enjoy the kisses and the cuddles from our babies who are keen to thrust their homemade cards in our faces.

They’ve made millions of them.

Mainly because that’s been the headline activity for all schools, nurseries, daycare centres and childminders for weeks. Probably since Valentine’s Day.

I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. And I do love the sentiment of Mother’s Day. But I’d much rather have big snuggles and a lovely day out.

Having said all this, I know most daddies will think it’s obligatory to buy an over-sized cuddly toy and a box of dairy milk and say these are from the kids.

They have to do this. Just like we have to buy a big bar of Yorkie and some new pants and/or socks in the middle of June.

It’s parenting law.

So I thought I’d put together a little list of things that might win you some brownie points on Mother’s Day.


Six Fabulous Gift Ideas For Fabulous Mums Keeping It Real This Mother's Day. Ideas from a mummy blogger
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I’m guessing most of you aren’t thinking that a Mercedes-AMG GT R is the right sort of gift for Mothering Sunday – if only – so here’s six fabulous, but affordable, Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to put a smile on the face of the mummy in your life.

6 Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

There are affiliate links within this gift guide and so as an Amazon Associate I might earn from qualifying purchases. There is absolutely no additional cost to you. 

1. A Beautiful Little Terrarium

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll probably know that I’m a sucker for a succulent. These plants are awesome. They’re sculptural. They’re pretty. And they’re super-easy to keep alive.

Read A Must Go Place in Cornwall for Succulents, or this post, for more about why you should buy your succulents from the awesome guys over at Surreal Succulents. Don’t worry if you’re not local to Cornwall, they deliver!

So my choice for a perfect Mother’s Day gift would be this terrarium. I just think this is so beautiful. It won’t take very long to build – time is precious to busy mums – and it will give so much joy for so many years.

2. Hashtag Authentic

There’s a woman who lives on the internet called Sara Tasker. She is an Instagram genius. She’s also the creator of a very successful blog (Me and Orla). You’ve probably heard of her.

Anyway, she’s recently written and published her first book Hashtag Authentic, which promises to lift the lid on how to find your online presence, grow your community and maybe even become an influencer.

Her book is one of those books that so many mummies will want to own. I say own, because they’ll probably never have time to read it, even though they’ll want to.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day Sara Tasker Hashtag Authentic

3. Gorgeous Stationery

Do you remember being at school and loving the end of August when you went to buy your stationery for the new school year? Endless pens, gel pens, notebooks, diaries, planners, folders and highlighters.

Highlighters! Oh the joy!

That feeling of joy a lovely new notebook can give does not go away with age. I quite like this one, and this one and this one. They all have that vintage vibe that I think is fab.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day pretty journal

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day Butterfly notebook

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day Notepad

Don’t forget that you’re going to need a beautiful new pen to go with that notepad. Did you know that you can buy a Swarovski pen? Well, you can and it’s lush! But if you’re thinking that’s a bit extravagant, try this one with a handy pouch to keep it in.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day Swarovski Crystal Pen

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day Pretty Pen

These gorgeous bits of stationery will keep any mama happily scribbling away all those to-do lists, while also making notes of the latest hashtags she needs now she’s picking up Instagram tips from Sara Tasker

4. My Personal Favourite – Gin

Okay, okay so I could make this Mother’s Day gift idea number one through six and then some. Gin is delicious. And I think it’s an essential part of motherhood.

Every woman who drinks gin will have her favourite. Don’t go rogue and start experimenting with exotic flavoured gins as a gift. If it tastes nasty, she’s gonna associate that with you. So any points you’ve gained from such a thoughtful present, will be undone by disgusting gin that will have to be drunk anyway.

I can, however, whole-heartidily recommend Tarquin’s. And I think I sort of have to, because it’s from Cornwall 🙂

Gift ideas for Mother's Day Tarquin's Gin

If you want something that’s just that little bit more special then try this one from Trevethen. It’s a Honey Oak Cornish gin. Yep from Cornwall again! And I can tell you it is divine. I tried it neat at the Eden Project. What a brilliant day out that was!

Gift ideas for Mother's Day Trevethan Gin

5. Perfume – The Classic Gift

I actually think that perfume is probably a little too personal to take recommendations from other people. A fragrance one person loves, will be the headache of nightmares for someone else.

So, if you’re planning to buy perfume for a Mother’s Day gift, then I suggest you do a little detective work and find out which one she really loves.

But, if you really want a suggestion from me, then here it is. I personally really like perfumes by Jimmy Choo. Even after joking that they probably smell like feet. Trust me, they don’t 🙂Gift ideas for Mother's Day Jimmy Choo perfume

6. The Ethical Choice

The very fabulous team over at Home of La Juniper have created a wonderful online store that is filled to bursting with gorgeous homeware and gifts. I’ve suggested this company before, because I truly believe in the good things they are doing.

La Juniper has gifts for all price ranges. You can buy gifts knowing that your consumerism is doing some good in the world. I can’t put in to words all the great things about this company, so here’s what they have to say in their own words:

Home of Juniper has a unique range of home and gift products, with an essence in conscious consumerism. As well as selling beautiful products, Home of Juniper concentrates on the people and stories behind the products. Selling products by British designers, as well as supporting ethical producers from abroad. 10% from all bee products goes to BBCT Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

How fabulous is that!

Pop over to Home of La Juniper and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed. And you will have found your new favourite place to buy gifts for your loved ones.

So that’s it.

These are my six suggestions for Mother’s Day gifts. Is there something on here that I’ve missed that you think should definitely be on the list? Just let me know in the comments below 🙂

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  1. Patrice
    March 8, 2019 / 10:58 am

    I love this!! I often struggle with knowing what to get my mother because what do you get someone who has everything?! Thanks for this great read!!

    • March 9, 2019 / 10:09 am

      Thank you 🙂 I’m so glad it helped. And, yes! It’s so hard to find the right gift xx

  2. March 6, 2019 / 1:20 pm

    I’m with Josie, above. Leaving it open and tempted to stick a big paper arrow on my laptop pointing to the GIN!! #ItsOK

  3. Me, Them and the Others
    March 5, 2019 / 2:29 pm

    I would be over the moon with anyone of these, might just leave this post open when my husband is around!

    • March 5, 2019 / 9:15 pm

      Good plan! I made sure my other half had a read of this 😉 And GinGin also created her own list of gift ideas for Mother’s Day and gave it to her daddy. I think her list – which was top secret – was a bit on the extravagant side though 😀

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