Positively Puzzling with Ravensburger LOL 3D Puzzle

Positively Puzzling with Ravensburger LOL 3D Puzzle

GinGin was very kindly gifted an LOL 3D puzzle from Ravensburger so she could join in with their #positivelypuzzling initiative.

Everyone in our family loves a good jigsaw puzzle!

It’s an activity that we enjoy doing together as a family. And also individually too.

So when Ravensburger contacted us to see if we’d like to join in with their Spring initiative #positivelypuzzling I let out a little squeal of delight and said “YES!” almost immediately.

What is #PositivelyPuzzling?

The clever folks over at Ravensburger have come up with a fabulous Spring initiative to get us all away from our screens and enjoy a mindful moment with puzzles.

Many of us now live pretty hectic and stressful lives.

It’s more important than ever that we take time out for a little slower living every now and then. Every day if possible.

There are so many great long-term health benefits from practicing mindfulness every day.

And working on a jigsaw puzzle is a great way to do this, whether that’s on your own or with your family.

You can find out more about how jigsaw puzzles play a part of mindfulness from Emma Kenny, the UK’s fave psychological expert, in this Q&A.

You can join in with my gentle, daily hashtag challenge to find a few moments of calm each day. Find out more about #calmchronicles here.

Ravensburger Puzzles For Kids

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Needless to say that when I told GinGin she could choose a puzzle from Ravensburger, she was as thrilled as me!

There are so many brilliant puzzles to choose from for children her age (she’s nearly 8).

She loves dogs – well all animals really – and so these three jigsaws were at the top of her shortlist.

Puppy Picnic 100 piece jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger
Puppy Picnic by Ravensburger
Dog's Delight 500 piece jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger
Dogs’ Delight by Ravensburger
200 piece jigsaw puzzle by Ravensburger
Jungle Animals by Ravenburger

Chatting over GinGin’s choice with the fab team at Ravensburger, they suggested something we’d not even thought of.

A total curveball!

Ravensburger suggested that GinGin try one of their 3D puzzles.


LOL 3D Puzzle by Ravensburger

And, even better, they suggested the LOL 3D puzzle that when it’s made turns into a pen pot.

Obviously GinGin was over the moon with this suggestion. And so that’s the puzzle she had.

LOL 3D Puzzle by Ravensburger

GinGin couldn’t have been more excited when her LOL 3D puzzle arrived. And we set a day to build it together. Something for her to look forward to!

GinGin was gifted an LOL 3D puzzle by Ravensburger

So one day while Roo had a nap, and Jon was busy, GinGin and me got to work on putting the puzzle together.

I say we, but really all I did was keep out the way and take photos of GinGin doing her puzzle.

There are 108 pieces to the puzzle. Each one is numbered on the back. So it’s super-straightforward to put together.

The pieces fit together nicely too. And it’s actually pretty stable as the puzzle is built up.

It took GinGin just under an hour to complete her LOL 3D puzzle from start to finish.

I’d hoped it would take her a bit longer. You know, as a project for her to come back to. But she was so into it she just wanted to finish it in one go.

I was so impressed with the way the LOL 3D puzzle went together. And how GinGin was able to do it all by herself.

Completing her first 3D puzzle by herself gave a real confidence boost too. Knowing that she could do it on her own, without help!

And she loves how useful it is now it’s finished. She keeps her fave gel pens in it.

The really good news is that there are loads of sneaker-shaped 3D puzzles by Ravensburger.

So, if your kid isn’t into LOL, there’s bound to be a design they’ll love! You can find more designs here.

GinGin was gifted an LOL 3D puzzle by Ravensburger
LOL 3D Puzzle by Ravensburger

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My 7 year old daughter loves this LOL 3D puzzle from Ravensburger. It's a great way to keep the kids entertained without a screen. #positivelypuzzling #ravensburger #screenfreeplay #kidstoys
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