Middle Names for Hazel: 185+ Adorable Ideas

Looking for middle names for Hazel? You’re in the right place.

If you’ve chosen the name Hazel for your little one, congratulations! You’ve made a fantastic decision.

Not only is Hazel a beautiful and timeless name, but it’s also unique enough to stand out from the crowd.

Now you’ve nailed down the first name, it’s time to choose the perfect middle name to go with Hazel.

But where do you even begin?

With so many middle name ideas out there, picking the perfect middle name can feel overwhelming. Especially when there’s so many beautiful girl names to choose from!

Don’t worry – I’m here to help!

In this ultimate guide, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know about choosing middle names for Hazel. So grab some snacks and get ready to dive into the wonderful world of baby names! This is the only baby name list you’ll need. Ready to be inspired?

What does the name Hazel mean for a girl?

Hazel is a lovely name that has been around for quite some time.

It’s actually derived from an Old English surname which referred to someone who lived near or worked with hazelnut trees.

As a name for a girl, Hazel traditionally represents qualities such as wisdom and knowledge.

Many parents choose the name Hazel simply because they find it beautiful. And I have to say – I agree! There’s something about the sound of “Hazel” that just rolls off the tongue in such a pleasant way.

Overall, I think Hazel is a wonderful choice for a baby girl. Not only does it have historical significance and positive connotations, but it also carries an air of elegance and charm that’s hard to resist.

Short middle names for Hazel

If you’re looking for short middle name ideas that go well with Hazel, you might want to consider these options:

Hazel Ava
Hazel Cara
Hazel Chloe
Hazel Claire
Hazel Elia
Hazel Gem
Hazel Grace
Hazel Ira
Hazel Ivy (discover these beautiful middle names for Ivy)
Hazel Jett
Hazel Kady
Hazel Kaia
Hazel Kiki
Hazel Kyla
Hazel Lake
Hazel Leah
Hazel Maude
Hazel Maya
Hazel Maya
Hazel Mimi
Hazel Monroe
Hazel Nola
Hazel Nova (discover these unique middle names for Nova)
Hazel Rain
Hazel Ruby
Hazel Scout
Hazel Seren
Hazel Sloane
Hazel Star
Hazel Vivi

Nature inspired middle name ideas for Hazel

Perhaps you’d like a middle name derived from nature, just like Hazel. If so, here are some lovely ideas that pair well with Hazel.

Hazel Ashley
Hazel Aster
Hazel Aurora (discover enchanting middle names for Aurora)
Hazel Autumn
Hazel Clover
Hazel Daisy
Hazel Dawn
Hazel Fern
Hazel Holly
Hazel Iris
Hazel Ivy
Hazel Jade
Hazel Juniper
Hazel Lily
Hazel Magnolia
Hazel Maple
Hazel Meadow
Hazel Ocean
Hazel Olive
Hazel Pearl
Hazel Rose
Hazel Skye
Hazel Violet
Hazel Willow
Hazel Wren

Stylish middle names that go with Hazel

These middle name ideas are perfect if you’re looking for something with lasting style:

Hazel Acacia
Hazel Alathea
Hazel Amaya
Hazel Annabel
Hazel Annabella
Hazel Bailey
Hazel Beatrice
Hazel Blanche
Hazel Bridgette
Hazel Bronwyn
Hazel Caitlin
Hazel Camilla
Hazel Candice
Hazel Carly
Hazel Carmen
Hazel Caroline
Hazel Caterina
Hazel Catherine
Hazel Clara
Hazel Corinne
Hazel Dinah
Hazel Dorothy
Hazel Edith
Hazel Elenora
Hazel Elodie
Hazel Elsie
Hazel Elysia
Hazel Evelyn
Hazel Fallon
Hazel Gabrielle
Hazel Geneva
Hazel Honey
Hazel Honor
Hazel Hope
Hazel Imogen
Hazel Julianne
Hazel Juno
Hazel Kandace
Hazel Kiera
Hazel Kirstin
Hazel Kourtney
Hazel Kylie
Hazel Lavinia
Hazel Leontine
Hazel Liv
Hazel Martha
Hazel Meredith
Hazel Millicent
Hazel Molly
Hazel Morgana
Hazel Odette
Hazel Ottilie
Hazel Parker
Hazel Pippa
Hazel Polly
Hazel Quinn
Hazel Tabitha
Hazel Tatiana
Hazel Tatum
Hazel Theodora
Hazel Tullulah
Hazel Victoria
Hazel Xiamara
Hazel Zanna
Hazel Zia

Popular middle names for Hazel

Or maybe you’d like to consider a middle name that’s popular right now. If so, these popular girls’ middle names should be right up your street.

Hazel Aaliyah
Hazel Abigail
Hazel Addison
Hazel Alice
Hazel Allison
Hazel Amelia
Hazel Anna
Hazel Aria (discover beautiful middle names for Aria)
Hazel Audrey
Hazel Avery
Hazel Bella
Hazel Brooklyn
Hazel Charlotte
Hazel Chloe
Hazel Claire
Hazel Cora
Hazel Deliliah
Hazel Eleanor
Hazel Elena (here are some adorable middle names for Elena)
Hazel Eliana
Hazel Elizabeth
Hazel Ella
Hazel Ellie
Hazel Emilia
Hazel Emily
Hazel Emma (check out these unique middle names for Emma)
Hazel Everly
Hazel Gabriella
Hazel Gianna
Hazel Grace
Hazel Hannah
Hazel Harper
Hazel Isabella
Hazel Isla
Hazel Josephine
Hazel Kennedy
Hazel Kinsley
Hazel Layla
Hazel Leah
Hazel Lillian
Hazel Luna
Hazel Madelyn
Hazel Madison
Hazel Maya
Hazel Mia
Hazel Mila
Hazel Naomi
Hazel Natalie
Hazel Nevaeh
Hazel Nora
Hazel Olivia
Hazel Paisley
Hazel Penelope
Hazel Riley
Hazel Sadie
Hazel Savannah
Hazel Scarlett
Hazel Serenity
Hazel Sofia
Hazel Sophia
Hazel Stella (here are some beautiful middle names for Stella)
Hazel Valentina
Hazel Victoria
Hazel Violet
Hazel Zoey

First name for middle name Hazel

Isla Hazel

Isla means “island” and would be a great name for a free-spirited girl who loves the ocean.

Luna Hazel

From the word “moon.”

Juniper Hazel

Juniper is a tree that symbolizes strength and resilience, making it perfect for a strong-willed girl.

Lyra Hazel

Lyra is the name of a constellation, representing adventure, exploration and curiosity.

Clementine Hazel

Meaning “mild” or “merciful.”

Amara Hazel

Amara means “eternal” or “unfading.”

Serephina Hazel

Meaning fiery-winged angel, perfect to describe an energetic girl who lights up any room she’s in.

Aurora Hazel

Signifying the dawn or new beginnings. (Find middle names for Aurora)

Freya Hazel

Freya is known as the goddess of love and beauty, and also of war and death, making this one formidabble girl.

Ophelia Hazel

Meaning helper or aid.

Aurelia Hazel

Like a ray of golden light.

Eira Hazel

Meaning snow, Eira is associated with calmness and serenity.

Boy names that go with Hazel


Meaning “treasurer,” perfect for a brother to Hazel who will always have her back.


Meaning “majestic,” a great name for a brother who is sure to grow up and make an impact in the world.


Meaning “fair-haired,” a cute name for a little brother with light hair who will keep Hazel on her toes.


Meaning “soldier,” a fitting name for a tough little brother who will be there to protect and defend his big sister.


Meaning “brave as wild boar,” another strong name for a brave and adventurous sibling of Hazel’s.


Meaning “son of fire,” this unique name would be perfect for a fiery brother full of energy and passion.


Meaning “woodcutter,” this charming name would suit an outdoorsy little brother who enjoys rough-and-tumble playtime with Hazel.


Meaning “big fish” or sea monster, this unusual name could work well for any sibling of Hazel’s with an affinity for the ocean or marine life.

Names like Hazel

  • Mabel
  • Giselle
  • Paisley
  • Laurel
  • Faye
  • Olive
  • Willow
  • Isabelle
  • Jazelle
  • Raquel
  • Zara
  • Adeline

How popular is the name Hazel (UK)?

According to the Office for National Statistics, Hazel was ranked as the 88th most popular name for baby girls born in England and Wales in 2019.

It was given to a total of 1,198 babies that year.

While it’s not one of the top names, like Olivia or Amelia, it’s still a lovely choice that has been steadily gaining popularity over the past few years.

In fact, back in 1996, Hazel was only given to 165 baby girls in England and Wales.

It’s also worth noting that Hazel has some famous namesakes who might be influencing its popularity – like actress Hazel Keech and author Hazel Gaynor.

Overall, Hazel is a beautiful name with a vintage charm that feels both classic and fresh at the same time.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a middle name for your baby Hazel can be a fun and creative process.

Whether you opt for a family name or something more unique, remember to consider the flow and meaning behind each option.

Ultimately, the perfect middle name for your daughter will be one that brings joy and adds to her already beautiful name.

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Looking for baby name inspiration? Check out my ultimate list of over 185 gorgeous middle names for Hazel.
Looking for baby name inspiration? Check out my ultimate list of over 185 gorgeous middle names for Hazel.
Looking for baby name inspiration? Check out my ultimate list of over 185 gorgeous middle names for Hazel.
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