10 Simple But Genius Toy Storage Ideas

10 Simple But Genius Toy Storage Ideas

If you’ve got kids you’re very likely to have a home full of toys too. And toys seem to multiply. So where can we keep them all? I’ve searched the web for the very best toy storage ideas.

Remember that time before you had kids when your home was relatively easy to keep tidy? When toy storage wasn’t even an issue.

No. Me neither.

Toys have invaded our home and it looks like they’re here to stay. And multiply!

We don’t have a huge home. I think estate agents would call it “moderately sized.” And every cupboard is like that one in Monica’s apartment. You know the one right?

We do have a playroom of sorts. But toys still find their way into every room of the house. And pretty much every surface too.

So finding clever toy storage ideas is becoming a bit of an obsession for me. Especially since GinGin never wants to get rid of any of her old toys.

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And I think the toy problem only gets worse as kids get older, because they hoard endless little collectibles and toys with millions of bits.

It can’t just be us that has to deal with this. Please tell me it’s not just us! So I thought I’d share a few toy storage ideas I think are pretty neat.

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10 Simple But Genius Toy Storage Ideas

Of course the best toy storage ideas are the ones that fit with your home, and your style. There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution here.

And your toy storage needs will no doubt change as your child gets older.

There were some baby toys we had that were simply too big to store away. Even now Roo is 3 there are still some things she has that we just have to put neatly in the corner.

But I’m a big fan of toy storage ideas that encourages my kids to put their own toys away. I don’t wanna keep being a drill-sergeant-mum.

1. The Simple Toy Chest

Mamas & Papas White Toy Chest for toy storage ideas by GinGin & Roo

One of the things I love best about toy storage chests is that, generally speaking, you can fit toys of all different shapes and sizes in them. And once they’re closed, just adding a cute cushion gives your child a nice place to sit and play or read.

I really love this one above by Mamas & Papas.

2. Cube Storage Unit

Cube storage units are brilliant! They’re adaptable enough to look good in any room setting. PLUS if you get ones that are low in height then your little ones are able to tidy their own toys away.

This one is from Hartleys, but we have some from the IKEA Kallax range. I love that you can add in collapsible drawers, which enables you to customise this toy storage idea to suit your home interior. I think these animal themed drawers are super-cute!

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3. Seagrass Baskets

I found this gorgeously organised toy storage idea on Instagram. And I love how Kelly Nemeth has used seagrass baskets to hide away toys in this little bookshelf. I really love the beachy-boho vibe she has.

You could easily recreate this toy storage idea with these seagrass baskets and these white Kallax cube shelves.

4. Fabric Baskets

Fabric baskets fro Joules for toy storage ideas by GinGin & Roo

I’m a big fan of fabric toy baskets, like these beautiful ocean themed baskets from Joules. I really love this unicorn one, and this totally roar-some dinosaur one as well.

We have a large fabric toy storage basket in our lounge that we used for Roo’s baby toys. It’s now home to all sorts of little bits and bobs both girls play with.

And GinGin has a couple on her shelf in her bedroom. They’re perfect for storing away what I call “bitsy” toys. And they’re brilliant for tidying up in super-quick time!

5. Glass Jars

Photo Credit: Liz from sayyes.com

Not sure what to do with all those bits of Lego? Or craft supplies. Glass jars are the solution you’re looking for. You don’t necessarily have to colour coordinate your glass jars, but just imagine how organised those little building blocks could look on your shelves!

I love this pack of six jars from Craft and Create.

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6. Garden Basket Toy Storage

Photo Credit: Lime Tree Kids

I’ve seen this great toy storage idea on a few Pinterest pics. Here they’ve used the flower basket (it’s actually called a wall manger, who knew?!) to store soft toys. But I’ve seen it used for books, cars, balls and anything else that’s tricky to tidy away.

7. Shelf With Peg Rail

Mamas & Papas white toy shelf with compartments and peg rail for toy storage ideas from GinGin & Roo

Another one of my storage crushes comes from Mamas & Papas. What can I say, I just LOVE their stuff! It’s this beautiful compartment shelf with a super-useful peg rail. How cute would this look in your baby’s nursery, with a couple of snugglies and tomorrow’s outfit already picked out.

And if you don’t fancy white, they do a lovely grey wash colour too.

8. Rotating Book Shelves

What better way to keep toys and books organised than this gorgeous set-up from Gemma Leigh. (FYI you should absolutely follow her on Instagram for regular play ideas, playroom organisation and toy rotation tips).

If your little one has a space-themed room, this rotating bookshelf would make a fabulous alternative to Gemma’s natural wood design.

9. House-Shaped Boxes

House shaped wooden boxes for toy storage ideas by GinGin & Roo

Do something a little different with your kiddos favourite collectibles. Rather than throw them in a toy box, make a feature of them with these cute house-shaped boxes. Simply fix a few of these to your kid’s bedroom wall and put those collectibles on show.

10. Puzzle and Board Game Hanging Storage

Boxes of board games and puzzles for toy storage ideas by GinGin & Roo
Photo Credit: Margo from Joyful Homemaking

Boxed puzzles and board games are fun to play, but look pretty darned ugly on an open shelf. Especially when the box starts to get a little worn around the edges.

What’s the solution? Hide them!

I absolutely love the idea of keeping all our puzzles and board games in one of these nifty hanging organisers. They are designed to hang in wardrobes or closets, keeping bedrooms or playrooms looking free of clutter.

10 Simple But Genius Toy Storage Ideas

So there you have 10 simple but genius toy storage ideas. Do you have any other fab ideas I’ve not included here? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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If you've got kids you're very likely to have a home full of toys too. I've searched the web for the very best simple but genius toy storage ideas for kids #toystorage #toystorageorganization #toystorageideas
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  1. August 20, 2020 / 1:30 am

    Thank you so much for these ideas! I will definitely be purchasing the puzzle and game board storage. It’s perfect!

  2. July 13, 2020 / 2:22 am

    These all look amazing, the seagrass baskets are my favorite! These are so much better than the big molded plastic options out there!

    • July 23, 2020 / 3:29 pm

      Hey Samantha,

      Those sea baskets are amazing aren’t they! So versatile, they look great and they make brilliant toy storage too!

  3. July 13, 2020 / 1:47 am

    These are all amazing ideas! 😍 Especially the flower baskets can’t believe I never thought of that before! Definitely using! Thanks so much!

    • July 23, 2020 / 3:14 pm

      Hi Kaitlyn,

      Using flower baskets for toy storage is such a brilliantly simple idea! Glad you found some of these toy storage ideas helpful 🙂

  4. July 7, 2020 / 6:52 pm

    Those ideas are awesome 🙂 I love number 6&8 – perfect for small space 😊 our toys are all over the place right now 😅

    • July 8, 2020 / 11:43 am

      Hi Linda,

      I’m super-happy that you love these ideas! I really love number 6 & 8 too – they’re just a little different and really easy to adapt to match our home styling. And oh my gosh I know exactly what you mean! I don’t think there’s a room in our house where there aren’t toys everywhere. Now you know why looking for great toy storage ideas is becoming a bit of an obsession of mine 😀

    • July 8, 2020 / 11:52 am

      Haha love it Tonya! Ours generally looks like a disaster zone. Weird thing is that my eldest used to be so good at tidying away her own toys, but she’s getting messier as she gets older. I’m always on the lookout for great toy storage ideas that encourage my kids to tidy away their own toys! 🙂

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