A Letter From Santa! Review of Lapland Letters.

A Letter From Santa! Review of Lapland Letters.

#Gifted | GinGin and Roo received the most magical letter from Santa. Read our review of Lapland Letters here.

Christmas is absolutely one of my favourite times of the year. The festive cheer. Cozy evenings snuggled under blankets. Christmas films! We all love Elf, right?

Okay, so the kids might be super-hyper. Like, eleventy-hundred times more than usual. And Christmas shopping can be a tad stressful. But the joyfulness of the season far outweighs any of that.

Slowing down. Spending time with our loved ones. And seeing the excitement on our kiddos’ little faces when they come to tell you “he’s been” at 4am…!

Their excitement is infectious.

And I know that as a mummy to a seven and a two year old, I want to keep that magic alive for as long as possible.

Who’s with me?

So I really couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review “A Letter From Santa” from the real Mr & Mrs Claus and their team of elves over at Lapland Letters.

What’s Special about a Letter from Santa by Lapland Letters?

Lapland Letters promise to make this Christmas more “fantastical” than ever, saying their letters are one of a kind.

The website guarantees authentic personalised Santa letters that are unique to your child.

And, you know what? They are!

There are six letters to choose from. Each one has a different message, but all six tell a really great story, making the experience all the more believable. Find out about Rudolph’s test flight, or the Laplandish Elf, in wonderfully crafted letters.

What makes each letter from Santa truly unique is the detail you provide. Let Santa know what treats you left out for the reindeers last year, as well as your child’s best friend’s name, and these details are woven into the letter your child receives.

Your little one won’t believe their eyes as they read (or listen to you read) all about how Santa spotted their best friend’s toys being checked over in the elves’ workshop. It’s this level of creative storytelling and personal detail that make this letter from Santa experience truly magical.

And there’s something extra special on the back of the letter. Shhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. This is just between us. On the back of the letter, you’ll find Santa’s Secret Map!

How brilliant is that?!

What Do I Get?

If you order a Letter from Santa by Lapland Letters, it includes a personalised letter from Father Christmas, Santa’s Secret Map and a fabulous Lapland envelope with a Lapland postal stamp.

But if you want to add that extra bit of Christmas magic you can also buy a Santa Bumper Activity Pack. It’s well worth spending the extra couple of pounds for this, and here’s why. It includes:

  • Good Child Certificate. Imagine how special it would be for your little one to receive an authentic Good Child List certificate from the big man himself!
  • Santa Stop Here Door Hanger. Ready to colour in, cut out and hang on your child’s door.
  • Thank You Santa Postcard. Your child can send their very own thank you postcard to Santa in Lapland.
  • Activity Sheets. With Christmas-themed colouring-in and word search that’s sure to fill your kiddos with Christmas cheer.
  • Santa Please Stop Here Poster. Make sure Santa doesn’t forget to visit with this nifty poster to display in your window.
  • Wishing Stars. Two lovely stars that your child can write their wishes on.

Even More Christmas Magic!

There’s so much Christmas magic in the letter from Santa and the bumper activity pack. And there are even more magical Santa extras to fill your Christmas-magic-o-meter, including:

  • Lapland reindeer food with magical moon dust, made by Mrs Claus using her secret recipe
  • a personalised chocolate bar, made by Mrs Claus using only the finest ingredients (for extra good children!)
  • a personalised Santa key, a fantastical keepsake for homes with no chimney

What We Loved About Our Letter From Santa


Honestly, I couldn’t fault the Letter from Santa experience by Lapland Letters. Absolutely everything about it was as magical as Mr & Mrs Claus promised it would be.

The best letter from Santa. Our review of Lapland Letters
The best letter from Santa. Our review of Lapland Letters

You should have seen GinGin’s face as she read her letter out loud. She was completely gobsmacked and totally over the moon.

And the letter arrived at just the right time for us. Even at just seven years old, there’s chatter in the school playground that Santa isn’t real.

Well, he is!

And GinGin has the letter from him to prove it!

If I’m being totally honest, I think Roo – who’s just two – was only really excited because her big sister was. But, the fact their letters were different, and had completely unique personal messages, added to the believability of the letters for GinGin.

We’ve had other letters from Santa in previous years. But none of them top these from Lapland Letters.

Absolutely magical.

It’s not too late to order yours! Last delivery for standard UK orders is Thursday 19th December. And Monday 23rd December for express UK orders. Click here to order your’s now.

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The best letter from Santa. Our review of Lapland Letters
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