Middle names for Elena: 230+ beautiful ideas

Looking for middle names for Elena to complement this beautiful first name? Look no further!

I’ve scoured through endless lists and put together a collection of the cutest middle names that perfectly pair with Elena.

From classic choices to unique picks, I’ve got you covered.

So grab a cuppa and get ready to discover the best middle names for your little Elena in my ultimate guide.

What middle name goes good with Elena?

Choosing the perfect middle name for your baby girl can be tough. But don’t worry – I’ve got plenty of great ideas for you!

Here I’m going to very quickly explore some classic and popular girls names that would make great middle names for a beautiful name like Elena.

Elena Rose – Rose is a classic and timeless name that symbolizes love and beauty. It pairs perfectly with the elegant and feminine name, Elena.

Elena Grace – Grace means “elegance” or “charm,” making it a fitting choice for any little girl who exudes gracefulness.

Elena Elizabeth – Elizabeth is a royal name that means “God’s promise.” It has been a popular choice for centuries, making it an excellent option if you want to give your child a sense of tradition.

Elena Victoria – Victoria means “victory,” which makes this middle name perfect for strong-willed little girls who are destined to succeed in life.

Elena Sophia – Sophia is derived from the Greek word meaning wisdom and is often associated with intelligence and knowledge.

Elena Juliette – Juliette is a French variant of the name Julia, which means youthful beauty – perfect for bright-eyed babes full of life!

Elena Isabella – Isabella has roots in Hebrew history meaning God’s oath or pledged to God but more recently became known as the beautiful character in Twilight – Bella Swan.

Elena Josephine – Josephine comes from the Hebrew origin meaning “Jehovah increases.” It’s the feminine version of Joseph.

Elena Charlotte – The feminized version of Charles was made famous by Princess Charlotte but also gained popularity through books such as Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

Elena Margaret – Margaret comes from the Greek word meaning pearl. This soft yet beautiful moniker pairs perfectly with Elena.

There you have it! Ten classic and popular middle name ideas for Elena. If you’ve yet to be inspired, don’t panic, there are literally hundreds of ideas below.

Unique middle names for Elena

Looking for a middle name that’s a little bit different from everyone else? Here’s 25 beautifully unique middle names that go with Elena.

Elena Annabel
Elena Bessie
Elena Bridgette
Elena Cece
Elena Cecily
Elena Celia
Elena Christabelle
Elena Esme
Elena Flora
Elena Franny
Elena Frederica
Elena Harper
Elena Magnolia
Elena Mathilde
Elena Morganna
Elena Saffron
Elena Sage
Elena Serefina
Elena Tori
Elena Ursula
Elena Valeria
Elena Violetta
Elena Vivian
Elena Wilhelmina
Elena Winifred

Middle name for Elena

Still not found the perfect middle name for Elena? Here’s just under 200 middle name ideas for you.

From popular to classic, beautiful to unique, short and long middle names, I’ve put them all together for you here.

And I’ve organised this list alphabetically, so if you have an idea of the letter you’d like to the middle name to begin with, you can easily scan down the list to find the letter of your choice.

Elena Adelaide
Elena Adeline
Elena Albertina
Elena Alyssa
Elena Amelia
Elena Amora
Elena Annelise
Elena Anouk
Elena Antonia
Elena Anwen
Elena Anya
Elena Ariel
Elena Aristea
Elena Ashlynn
Elena Athena
Elena Audra
Elena Aura
Elena Austin
Elena Avielle
Elena Beau
Elena Belle
Elena Betsy
Elena Blanche
Elena Bluebell
Elena Briony
Elena Briony
Elena Brooklyn
Elena Cadence
Elena Cady
Elena Cai
Elena Cassiopeia
Elena Catalina
Elena Cecilia
Elena Celeste
Elena Cerise
Elena Clarabelle
Elena Coco
Elena Cody
Elena Coral
Elena Coraline
Elena Crystal
Elena Cypress
Elena Daisy
Elena Danica
Elena Delilah
Elena Delphine
Elena Demi
Elena Dior
Elena Divinity
Elena Donatella
Elena Dorian
Elena Dove
Elena Eden
Elena Edith
Elena Eileen
Elena Elaina
Elena Elara
Elena Eleni
Elena Elexis
Elena Eliza
Elena Elle
Elena Elodie
Elena Ember
Elena Emmalyn
Elena Emmeline
Elena Eugenie
Elena Eva
Elena Everette
Elena Fifi
Elena Fiore
Elena Freyja
Elena Gabriel
Elena Georgette
Elena Giselle
Elena Grace
Elena Gracelyn
Elena Gwendoline
Elena Harmony
Elena Havana
Elena Hazel
Elena Heidi
Elena Honesty
Elena Inara
Elena Ingrid
Elena Isodora
Elena Ivory
Elena Jacqueline
Elena Janiyah
Elena Jemima
Elena Jennica
Elena Jessamine
Elena Josephina
Elena Juliet
Elena Julissa
Elena Kaidence
Elena Kalani
Elena Karstyn
Elena Kaye
Elena Keisha
Elena Kendall
Elena Kinslee
Elena Kitty
Elena Lacie
Elena Layla
Elena Lennox
Elena Lila
Elena Lilac
Elena Lilith
Elena Lilliana
Elena Lois
Elena Lorna
Elena Lucia
Elena Lucy
Elena Lumi
Elena Madison
Elena Magdalene
Elena Maliyah
Elena Maple
Elena Marcella
Elena Margaret
Elena Marlee
Elena Marybeth
Elena Mathilda
Elena Mattea
Elena May
Elena Mckenzie
Elena Melody
Elena Miah
Elena Milani
Elena Millicent
Elena Millie
Elena Mina
Elena Moon
Elena Morgan
Elena Nadia
Elena Nadine
Elena Nathalie
Elena Nell
Elena Nellie
Elena Nevaeh
Elena Nova
Elena Oaklyn
Elena Onyx
Elena Ophelia
Elena Orchid
Elena Otavia
Elena Peony
Elena Petunia
Elena Peyton
Elena Phoenix
Elena Poppy
Elena Prairie
Elena Primrose
Elena Rai
Elena Rainbow
Elena Rayne
Elena Reverie
Elena Riviera
Elena Rosalia
Elena Rose
Elena Rosemary
Elena Ruby
Elena Ruth
Elena Ryley
Elena Sabine
Elena Saoirse
Elena Sapphire
Elena Savannah
Elena Sequoia
Elena Seren
Elena Serenity
Elena Serephina
Elena Sia
Elena Snow
Elena Sofie
Elena Summer
Elena Tahlia
Elena Tia
Elena Tigerlily
Elena Tilda
Elena Tula
Elena Tulip
Elena Tyra
Elena Ulani
Elena Uma
Elena Valarie
Elena Valencia
Elena Veronique
Elena Vivienne
Elena Wren
Elena Xanthe
Elena Xanthia
Elena Zahra
Elena Zaina
Elena Zinnia
Elena Zipporah
Elena Zoi

What is a nickname for Elena?

  • Ella
  • Lena
  • Elly
  • Nena
  • Lenny
  • Elle

Boy names that go with Elena


A classic name that pairs perfectly with Elena, meaning “defender of the people.”


This trendy name is a great match for Elena and means “youthful.”


A strong and unique name that goes well with Elena, meaning “God is my strength.”


A popular Italian name that sounds great with Elena and means “gift of God.”


A versatile and charming name that complements Elena, meaning “light-giving.”


A sophisticated and artistic name that pairs well with Elena, meaning “brave lion.”


An interesting name that sounds amazing with Elena, meaning “new house” or “bright.”


A short but sweet name that complements the elegance of Elena perfectly.


A timeless choice for a boy’s name to go with Elena, which means “venerable” or “revered.”


This relatively uncommon yet stylish boy’s name goes seamlessly with Elena which means “God is good.”

First name for middle name Elena

  • Isabella Elena
  • Sophia Elena
  • Gabriella Elena
  • Olivia Elena
  • Victoria Elena
  • Ava Elena
  • Charlotte Elena
  • Penelope Elena
  • Lila Elena
  • Harper Elena
  • Aurora Elena (find the perfect middle name for Aurora)
  • Emilia Elena

All of these girls’ first names sound great when paired with the middle name “Elena.” From classic names like Isabella and Victoria, to more modern choices like Harper and Lila, these options offer a range of styles for parents-to-be looking for a special name for their little girl.

Isabella is a timeless choice that pairs perfectly with the elegant middle name of “Elena.”

Likewise, Sophia and Gabriella are both beautiful names that add an extra layer of sophistication when combined with Elena as a middle name.

For those who prefer shorter names, Ava and Lila are both lovely choices that have become increasingly popular in recent years while still remaining unique enough to stand out from the crowd.

Parents who want something a bit more unusual might consider Aurora or Emilia as first-name options, both of which offer an ethereal quality when paired with “Elena.”

Elena name meaning

Elena is a beautiful name that has been gaining popularity in recent years.

This feminine name has roots in several different cultures, including Greek, Spanish, Italian and Slavic. The meaning of the name Elena varies depending on the culture and language it comes from.

In Greek culture, Elena is derived from the name Helene which means “torch” or “bright shining one.”

In Spanish-speaking countries, Elena comes from the Latin name Helena which means “bright” or “sun ray.” It’s also associated with Saint Helena who was said to have discovered Jesus’s cross during her pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

In Italian culture, Elena is derived from Helena and means “shining light.” Saint Helena is also revered in Italy as she is believed to have brought back many Christian relics from her travels.

In Slavic languages like Russian and Bulgarian, Elena means “torchbearer” or “light-bringer.” It can also be spelled as Yelena or Jelena.

Overall, regardless of its origin or spelling variations across different regions and languages around the world, Elena embodies beauty and brightness. It’s a timeless classic that will continue to stand out for generations to come.

Names like Elena

Alena: This name is similar to Elena as it shares the same first two letters and has a similar sound.

Helena: The name Helena is also similar to Elena in terms of its pronunciation and spelling, with only one letter difference.

Selena: Selena is another name that sounds like Elena but with the added bonus of having a unique twist to it.

Elaina: A combination of ‘E’ and ‘Laina’, this name is quite popular among parents who wish to give their daughter a unique variation on the classic “Elena.”

Lenora: While not exactly sounding like Elena, Lenora shares some similarity in terms of its length and syllables.

Elsie: Although this name does not have the same sound as Elena, it shares the same starting letter which makes it an easy pick for parents looking for a similar-sounding name.

Ellinor: Another variation on Eleanor, Ellinor has hints of both Elena and Eleanor making it a good choice for those wanting something different yet familiar.

Elara – This name has a similar sound to Elena but is much less common. It’s also the name of one of Jupiter’s moons, which could be perfect if you’re interested in astronomy.

What are the top 5 girl middle names?

According to the popular geneaology website Ancestry, the top 5 middle names for girls are:

  1. Louise
  2. Rose
  3. Grace
  4. Jane /= Elizabeth (joint 4th place)
  5. Anne (or Ann)

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, finding the perfect middle name for your daughter can be a daunting task. But with this ultimate list of middle names for Elena, I hope to have made your search a little bit easier.

Whether you’re looking for something classic or unique, there’s a name on this list that is sure to suit your taste.

Remember, what matters most is that you choose a name you and your family will love and cherish. Let me know which is your fave name in the comments below.

Discover the perfect middle names for Elena with our ultimate baby name list.
Looking for the best middle name for your little Elena? Look no further than our extensive list!
From classic to unique, we've got all the best middle names for Elena in one place.
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